Registered user

A OneTo11 app user who has successfully verified their mobile number on the app is a registered user.

Blocked Account

OneTo11 holds all the rights to block a user account, if the user is found or suspected of carrying out or encouraging any suspicious activity, by the auditing team of OneTo11. A blocked account or user will be refrained from any further activity on the OneTo11 app and its subsidiary applications.

iOS Version Install

Can I install and use the OneTo11 app on an iPhone?

Yes, OneTo11 app is available on the App Store for iOS users. The iPhone users can download the app using this link -Download OneTo11.

Android Version Install

Can I install and use the OneTo11 app on an Android phone?

Yes, OneTo11 app is available for Android users. The Android users can download the app APK from the official OneTo11 website using this link -Download OneTo11.

App Not Working

Please capture a video of app usage or any error messages and send via email at with the mobile brand name and model. The support team will work on identifying and resolving the issue.

App update notifications

Based on the user's feedback, we constantly update the app features and add new features frequently. Users are advised to update the app to experience new and updated features of the application.

Bank accounts

No, only a single bank account can be added to the OneTo11 account.

IFSC code

IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code. The code is specific to a particular bank branch. It is required to identify a bank account for secure online transactions. It can be found on the cheque book issued for a bank account or can be obtained from the bank branch.

Minimum withdrawal limit

INR 50 is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the OneTo11 app to the registered bank account.

Withdrawal Timeframe

Withdrawal requests take 3-4 working days to process through the bank accounting system.

Withdrawal Request Failed

To find out the failure reason for your withdrawal request, please check the transaction history. The transaction detail will reflect the failure reason to correct for smooth withdrawal.

Maximum withdrawal limit

Yes, withdrawals are limited to 1 withdrawal to any bank account per day.

Deposit Amount Withdrawal

The deposited amount can be used for joining paid contests only, its is not available for withdrawals.

Change of Phone

The user just needs to log out from the OneTo11 account on the current phone and install the OneTo11 app on the new phone. Then just log on to the OneTo11 account on the new phone with the registered phone number and OTP.

Prize pool

Prize Pool is the amount available as winnings in a contest. Total Prize Pool amount is distributed among the contest winners after the end of the match based on their contest rankings. Winning prize is the amount won by individual players through their fantasy teams in a contest.

The ‘C’ sign next to a contest means that it is a confirmed contest and will continue to operate even if all the slots are filled by contest player fantasy teams.

The ‘M’ icom means that multiple fantasy teams can be entered into the contest by a user. The user will have to pay the entry fee for each fantasy team entered into the contest.

Entry Fee

The contest Entry Fee is the fee applicable for a user to join a contest.

Point System

The user/fantasy team scoring highest points in a contest team is considered a winner. To view the detailed point system, visit

Confirmed contest

A confirmed contest means that the contest will not be cancelled even if all the fantasy team slots are not filled before the match starting deadline.

Unconfirmed contest

An unconfirmed contest will be cancelled if all the fantasy team slots available in the contest are not filled up before the match starting deadline.

If all the slots in a contest are not filled up, the prize pool is reduced by factor of actual teams joining the contest vs the number of total team slots available.

Winning Percentage

The top percentage of teams in a contest that will be awarded with contest winnings from the Prize Pool.

Unconfirmed contest

The contest will be canceled even if all spots don't fill up

Winning Prize

Total Winning is the sum of the total prize money which will be distributed amongst the winners based on the predefined leaderboard Rank/Points earned in the contest.

Joining Fees Refund

In case of a private contest or when in an unconfirmed contest all the slots are not filled up before the deadline of starting the match, in that case joining fee for that particular contest will be refunded.

Contest Cancelled

The following occurrences will result in a contest being cancelled.
1 When all the slots are not filled up in a private or unconfirmed contest
2 The actual/underlying match of the contest is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Super Over

In case of a match leading to super over, the points accumulated until the end of scheduled overs being completed will be considered for the contest. After the end of standard scheduled overs the performance by players in the super over will not be considered for fantasy points calculation and contests.

Delete OneTo11 account

To delete your OneTo11 account, please log out of the app. Once logged out, please uninstall the app from your phone to delete the OneTo11 account.

App Feedback

User feedback for OneTo11 app can be shared on iTunes.

Invite Code

The private contests on OneTo11 have a unique invite code. The private contest can be joined using the Invite code only. A user can not join a private contest without the unique invite code for the contest.

Language Change

To change the app language:
1. Go to Side Menu
2. Click on switch button of language

Logout from the OneTo11 app

Go to the profile menu and scroll down. Tap on the button to logout.

Change mobile number

In order to change the mobile number for a registered account on OneTo11, please send an email to with the ownership documents for the old and new number. Kindly also mention the reason for change required. The support team will update the number manually after verification.

Wallet Balance

Wallet balance is the sum of earned network commission, prize winnings from the paid contest and deposited amount to join the contest. The wallet balance can be used to pay the contest entry fee on the OneTo11 app.

Withdraw deposited amount

The deposited amount on the OneTo11 wallet is ineligible for withdrawals, it can be used only for joining contests by paying entry fee.

Deposited Money

The unused deposited money will be transferred automatically to the source account without any compensation after 335 days from the credit date.

Withdrawal wallet balance

No, the deposit amount is for use to join contest only

Deposited Money

The unused deposited money will be transfer in source account without any compensation after 335 days from the credit date

Winning Prize Amount

The unused winning prize will be transferred to the user's registered bank account without any compensation after 335 days of credit if it's greater than the minimum withdrawal amount.

Network Commission Amount

Unused network commission will be transferred to the user’s registered bank account without any compensation after 335 days of credit if it's greater than the minimum withdrawal amount

Network Levels

A user will earn commissions from upto 11 levels of referrals.

Level Member Limit

No, there is no limit on adding members on any level up to 11 levels

Network commission

Network commission will be distributed to the members after the contest day, it will reflect on the users app next day by 10 am.

Paid Contest

The contests where joining fees are mandatory to participate are called paid contests. Participants get prize money based on their respective rank on the contest leaderboard.

PAN card for withdrawal

As per the government regulations, PAN details are required where money transaction is involved in the services.

PAN Status

PAN card verification is a manual process and it will take 24 to 48 hours to complete for an account.

PAN rejected

There are mainly 3 reasons for PAN card rejection
1. PAN card image is not clear
2. PAN number is already exist
3. Name on Bank and PAN not matched

Payment confirmation

If the payment is deducted from your account, and confirmation has not been received, then please don't panic. Soon you will receive the confirmation, or the deducted amount will be refunded back to you.

Practice contest

If you need to hone your skills, join a Practice Contest for free. There is no entry fee applicable in a practice contest and match environment functions like a paid contest. Once you are confident in your skills, you can join the Paid Contests.

Private contest creation

Follow the steps mentioned below to create a private contest -
1. Select any match from the list
2. Click on create contest button on the contests list screen
3. Give the contest a Name
4. Enter the total winning amount in Rs.
5. Enter the number of teams allowed in this contest, minimum 2 teams are mandatory for any private contest
6. Enable multiple team options if you want to allow your friends to join with multiple teams
7. Joining fees will be shown on the screen
8. Click on Choose winning breakup button
9. Change total winner of the contest if you want
10. Create your team the same as other public contest
11. Pay the joining fees
Invite your friends to join your contest using invite code

Public contest

If a private contest created by any user fails to meet the pre-specified required number of the participant before the deadline which is 1 hour prior to the commencement of the real match, the contest will be automatically canceled and deleted, and the contest entry amount will be full refunded to all the users who have joined the private contest.


There is no limit to referrals, you can refer OneTo11 to as many people as you wish. People who enter your refer code will be added to Level 1.

No Referral Code

Refer code is mandatory for registration on OneTo11. In case you do not have any referral code, you can use AAAAAA as default referral code to register.


Please follow the steps mentioned below to register on OneTo11
1. Click on Register option on the first screen
2. Enter your mobile number which you wants to register on OneTo11
3. Enter your full name
4. Enter your friends refer code
5. Click on Next button
You will receive the OTP on the same mobile number, verify your mobile number by entering OTP on the app. Once the OTP is entered the account will be registered.


Please follow the steps mentioned below to login on OneTo11
1. Click on Login option on the first screen
2. Enter your registered mobile number
3. Enter OTP which you receive on the same mobile number and click on Submit button

Chat Support

To connect with OneTo11 chat team -
1. Go to Side Menu
2. Click on support
3. Click on Live Chat
4. Type in your message

Email Support

You can contact us through our support section in the main user menu or send a mail at

Transaction charges

There are no transaction fees applicable from OneTo11 on bank withdrawals.

OTP Not Received

Please wait 1 or 5 minutes, sometimes it may take longer than expected to get OTP over the network.

Maximum number of OTP reached

You have reached maximum attempts for receiving OTP in a day, please try after 24 hours to login again.

OTP Validity

OTPs are valid for 30 minutes after being sent for the login on OneTo11.

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